Enterprise Resource Planning ( ERP )

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ERP software integrates all of your major business processes, which helps ensure consistent data across all your functional departments

We offer an effective blend of enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, partner relationship management, supply chain management, and online analysis processing. This gives you the ability to make qualified business decisions based on a seamless, 360-degree view of your business, customers and vendors
Gain Visibility into Your Business
Knowing where your business stands today is good. Being able to predict where it will stand six months from now is even better. But to reach this goal, you need constant visibility into your company's performance and the ability to analyze real-time data – so you can base your predictions on informed business decisions instead of mere guesswork.
Deepen Your Customer Relationships
A loyal customer base can sustain your company's growth. But how do you sustain customer loyalty? By implementing a business solution that lets you respond rapidly and effectively to your customers' needs – while providing the personalized attention they crave.
With a business solution that automates everyday customer care tasks and interacts with customer systems, you can put answers to routine questions at your customers' fingertips. This frees your service staff to monitor customer needs and provide the attentive service that ensures lasting relationships with key customers
Optimize Your IT Investments
With constraints on budget and IT staffing, small businesses and midsize companies like yours need to get the most out of their IT investments. But you can't sacrifice the ability to effectively grow your business. This means choosing the right solution and the right deployment model to fit your business .Stream ERP Covers:
Financial Management
Human Resources
CRM & SRM ( Customer Relationship Management)
Inventory Control
Purchase Management
Production Management
Sales Management
Point of sale
Project Management
E-Commerce Integration
A different ERP Stream ERP is very different from other ERP software.
Here is a brief explanation. Have a look at the entire website for more
Stream ERP is very simple compared to other ERP's:
Usability: Simple and fast installation (2 Clicks of a mouse button). Requires, on average, only 1 day of training.
Adaptability: Design new forms and reports directly in the client Adapt work flows (logistic) without programming.
Stream ERP is very innovative
Double-entry stock management.
Accounting with multi-views.
ISO9001 approach.
The interface auto-adapts to the user's needs.
Stream ERP is powerful but not complex:
Minimal amount of forms, providing among others : multi stock, warehouse, point of sale,
Simple configuration of : multi account charts, currencies, views and others
Simple products with an option of variants.
Stream ERP is complete:
Multi-lingual, Companies, Departments, Users, Roles, ...
Many modules.
Complete office software integration.
Stream ERP is flexible:
Any action can be can celled: bad stock moves, error in invoices,
Everything can be modified
Stream ERP is technically very advanced:
Object database (over postgre sql).
Database in-dependent(Oracle, MsSql, MySql)
Complex dynamic work flows.
Conditional default values.
Cross platform: Linux & Windows.
Export reports to PDF, HTML and Office files on the fly.

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