Geographic Information System (GPRS)

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Computing Technologies for Information it's gladly offer Global Positioning System solution Rahaal GPS. Rahaal GPS is a system designed to help navigate on the Earth. The Rahaal.Biz enables you to remotely track & track a variety of objects e.g. cars’ trucks’ containers or ships. It's small’ lightweight aluminum design makes it easy to install and together with the extended position logging’ it’s ideal for use in fleet management’ anti-theft and M2M application. Furthermore’ the numerous 1/0 connections allow monitoring and control of a range of external hardware.  For surveillance and security purposes’ a tiny camera is Available’ so you can see what’s going on at a glance anywhere’ any time!

A GPS receiver calculates its speed and direction by its change in position and change in time.

This vehicle security system has combined GPS and GSM (GPRS) functions, location information within a text message in accordance with the requirements of mobile phone users will be sent from GPS to a specific phone or through the GPRS network to the GIS (geographic information system) server. It can achieve vehicle scheduling, monitoring, tracking and other functions, the system can also achieve the remote control car circuit, monitor phone calls and other functions, as the graph shown.


Technical proposal

* GPS and accessories photo


Figure 1: Main Unit


Figure 2: Fuel Cable


Figure 3:GSM Antenna


Figure 4: GSM Antenna


Figure 5: Microphone

* Production Description

This product is made up of GPS module and GSM (GPRS) module. GPS can track the exact position of a car and GSM (GPRS) can achieve communications. There are five induced ports and one three-way output control.

* Position Enquiry

The present system uses GPS global positioning system with a built-in GPS receiver module which can send to the administrative control centre the real time acquisition of each vehicle’s location information (precision of 10-meter), speed (precision of 1 km/h), direction of movement (precision of 1 degree) and time (precision of 1 second). At the same time, the administrative control centre can monitor each vehicle and do scheduling.


Figure 6: Real Time Position Inquiry

*  Real-time Position Tracking

Message contains position information will be sent frequently after successful setting

Longitude E114.04577 Latitude N22.32405 08-10-20 17:38:30

Also User can query the car’s driving track from the GIS software.


Figure 7: Real Time Tracking


Figure 8: History Playback

* Emergency Phone Number Setting

Maximum number of phone numbers setting is limited by 3. Telephone Number is for Telephone Number.

* Calls Remote

Through GSM network, the administrative control center can keep communication between each driver and listen in every car.

* e-Fence (Cross-border Management)

The administrative control centre can set a region on map to limit the movement for the vehicle (the region shape is discretionary). As the vehicle enter or cross over the specified region, the system will automatically send prompt warning to the driver.

* Systemic Power/Oil Line Interruption

The equipment will not reply any message after an interruption order is received. The car will be power off after triggering the anti-theft alarm or sending the power-off message. And then the user can be in Defense-alarm-Off state to open automotive power.

* Anti-theft Alarm

This product has four detecting ports which can detect from five sensors: e.g. Shock Sensor, ACC Detection, Hood Detection and Automobile Door Lock Detection. Alarm will be turn on after an illegal operation is triggered while under the Defense-alarm-On condition. And at the same time, the terminal will use SMS or via GPRS, to send the alert message to the specified phone number or to the GIS server.

* Appendix B - Special Remarks

  • This equipment is not waterproof. Please take dry and prevent soaking.
  • Please ensure that SIM card is exactly inside the equipment.
  • The equipment works only when the SIM card supports GSM/GPRS.
  • GPS can detect the accurate point location under positioning. Error is within 10m. Please note that you can not receive GPS information when you are in tunnel or garage.
  • SIM card must support Caller ID display function, otherwise, the security system cannot work though phone.

* Components

  • 1pc main unit
  • 1pc GPS antenna
  • 1 pc relay
  • 1 bundle cable
  • 1pc Speaker
  • 1pc Shock Tester

* Features and technical capabilities

  • Door open, engine on illegally alarm
  • Speed, GEO-fence, Movement alarm
  • Cut off engine by phone
  • Remote start engine(optional)
  • Auto-Location by interval time
  • central lock control
  • Backup battery and Power failure alarm
  • Work with management software
  • GPRS base: work with PC base
  • Web base software in real-time tracking
  • Anti-Burglar, anti-Hijacking, and anti-Tamper
  • Sound monitor
  • Work with your original car alarm
  • Small size easy to install ( 76 mm × 53 mm × 21 mm )
  • Power supply 12v to 36v
  • Software work with Google map and local map(MapInfo map)
  • Friendly voice menu
  • Support Web GPS/SMS/GPRS Monitoring Software
  • Extremely small and light weight
  • Ultra low power consumption
  • Car / track battery’ down to 6 Volt
  • Excellent GPS accuracy
  • Versatile interfacing
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Remote configurable (over air) to fit any job
  • Configuration can be both Server and event driven’ over 300 different events
  • Integrated SIM card reader
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Field upgradeable firmware via GPRS
  • Supports backup server configuration

* Optional feature

  • Digital/Analogue Serial Camera
  • Solar panel with small battery