Network Video Recorder (NVR With CTIS)

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CTIS is a software system used for managing, monitoring and recording associated cameras. Using CTIS the user can add new camera to the viewer or make a new layout, which is a group of cameras displayed in the same viewer, and that helps monitoring process to become easier and more efficient.

CTIS has the ability to detect a pre-defined object, or an abandoned object and then it will alert the user that a pre-defined or abandoned object is detected.
Also it can detect and identify a human person, the picture of this person has to be saved in the database, and when any camera connected with CTIS detects any person, it executes a complex algorithms to find out whether the detected person is saved in the database or not.
CTIS uses the NVR technique (Network Video Recording) to record videos, Using NVR videos are encoded and processed in the camera and then streamed to the NVR for storage or remote viewing, and that brings CTIS performance to the maximum level by avoiding bottle nick problem.
CTIS has a high level of usability, and that refers to the simple GUI (Graphical User Interface), CTIS GUI is designed to be usable by any basic computer skilled user.

Computing Technologies of Infromation Surveillance new

1. Face Detection and Recognition.

2. Abandoned Objects Detection.

3. License Plate Detection and Recognition.

4. Head count.

5. Real-Time Recording.

6. Flexiblity in the number of cameras.

7. Support Many Camera Brands.