Alnoor Package ( Accounting, Stocks, POS )

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A comprehensive program for small and medium-sized accounts, personnel and points of sale, manufacturing, warehouses, and many other operational capabilities to facilitate the work of companies

Meet the needs of businesses, factories, institutions and retail stores and malls and other to those who need a full, easy to use accounting and accessories.

The software contains a decoding program to compress the data files for the program and back up to it.n1

The work of the program interface comfortable and easy to work long periods.

The software contains a special program for designing reports and barcode printing.

All categories of users can work on the program including the program is owned by the comprehensiveness and ease of use (accountants, traders, industrialists, trained ...).

Way and the data is stored encrypted can not be accessed through other programs, except for one who is given the authority to do so.

Software is provided with a smart researcher to search on all tariffs within the program and the easy way.

The software contains a hierarchical system of distribution of powers of all its parts so that the system administrator can grant or withhold authority for each user for each part of the program and through which the distribution of tasks and determine the times of entry and other administration users and contains a complete self-users.

Program was developed to be easy to use and increases the productivity of their users, especially on networks.

The program will benefit heavily from the system and facilities such as Winds Drag and Drop Drag & Drop right mouse button and shortcut keys and operations of cutting and pasting, deleting and listing.

The ability to export and import files, with the possibility of merging files from several branches and the separation and collection of accounts of the branches and sub-budgets in general and an unspecified number of branches.

Program provider for the state bar shows the file name, user name, accounting and information.

Program provider program Personnel tied with the program and accounts, and can be linked to portals and business cards.

Close the fiscal year and the final generation of the constraints and limitations of the work of inventory and settlement automatically

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