CTI is proud to offer the following services: Publication Designing E-mail advertising service E-mail advertising service التفاصيل الأخرى

Web Services

Diversified products and services for computing information technology company in the field of hosting, design and web development through modern and competitive prices. Site design you wish for and if you already own a site on the Internet we're happy to develop you with the latest possibilities in التفاصيل الأخرى

Business Solutions

CTI is proud to offer the following services: AlNOOR Package ( Accounting, Stocks, POS ) Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Document Management System( DMS) Enterprise Resource Planning ( ERP ) Education Software (SIS And School Management system ) Health Systems ( Dental Clinics And Hos التفاصيل الأخرى


CTI is proud to offer the following Hardware services: Geographic Information System (GPS) Point Of Sale Time Attendance CCTV And NVR Fm Radio التفاصيل الأخرى


Information Technology Outsourcing and Services efforts focus on using external service providers to effectively deliver IT-enabled business process, application service and infrastructure solutions for business outcomes. التفاصيل الأخرى

Security Systems

CTI is proud to offer the following services: Time Attendance Network Video Recorder (NVR With CTIS)   التفاصيل الأخرى
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About CTI


CTI Aspire was established in 1992 with a mission to provide distinctive consulting services and quality software solutions in varieties of business domains, including trade, health and education.

CTI Aspire build on the experiences of a group world renowned companies, originally operating in Hong Kong, Bangalore and Dubai.

CTI Aspire through its offices in many other countries brings the best computing technology solutions to its clients while maintaining an outstanding record of success in the international IT market.